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  • Fintech
  • 금융기관
    Fintech business consulting services
    Fintech professionals from seven banks, four credit card companies and KOSCOM related organizations provide consulting services for fintech startups and pre-startups.
  • 데모데이
    Demo Day
    A monthly Demo Day selects solutions with high marketability from companies that receive consultation and provides an opportunity to present and demonstrate the solution to finance companies.
  • 멘토링
    1-on-1 mentoring with finance company
    The company selected for 1-on-1 mentoring at Demo Day receives support from a finance company for its fintech business promotion.
  • 신문고
    Fintech Suggestion Box [Sinmungo]
    We will do our best to reflect your suggestions. If you want to use 'Fintech Suggestion Box' you should fill out the form on the Fintech Center website.